PUBG Updates Erangel Map + Development Update

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The developers behind PUBG have been hard at work bringing new content to the game to keep things fresh and appealing to all play styles. In the June 2019 Development Update TS Jang, Executive Producer, gave an update on what they’re doing to spice up the future of PUBG.

TS Jang acknowledged that they are working on balancing the game mechanics for those who want to engage in combat and this who want to hide out and survive. To enhance the in-game experience they are working to continue to balance weapons to make them more realistic and to change how players use them. To improve on the survival mechanics, the addition of the new amphibious vehicle the BRDM which will give players a more varied level of gameplay but the ledge grab is going to allow players to get to (and hide) in places they never could before.

To enhance the out-game experience they recently added weapons mastery where players can keep track of stats and get rewarded for accomplishments. Jang wants to bring the same type of system to the survival aspect of the game, again, to ensure the combat and survival sides are balanced but also so that the survivalists can keep track of stats and also be rewarded for their accomplishments.

Finally, Moving forward seasons will be themed and the upcoming Season 4 will be centered around the Erangel region which has gotten a substantial facelift bringing it more in line with the newer maps like Miramar and Venezia. The update includes new buildings as well as more realistic terrain and scenery. Erangel is currently on the Test Server through June 11th. Some great news for PUBG players on all platforms which will help keep the game fresh like Fortnite has been doing with regular updates. More information on Season 4 will be released at a later date but for more information regarding the test check out

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