Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charger Dock From PowerA – Review

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Out of the box the Nintendo Switch comes with 2 Joy-Cons which attach to the sides of the Switch and charge while the Switch is charging. That’s all well and good if you’re the only person who uses the Switch or if you are playing games like Mario Kart that utilizes a single Joy-Con per player. Joy-Cons are easy enough to purchase but what about charging if the Switch only supports does two.

PowerA Joy-Con Charging Dock Packaging

One solution would be to swap out each set of Joy-Cons as they complete their charge cycle. I did this for a long time and it worked, until it didn’t. It happened enough times where I realized “Oops! I didn’t charge them,” that I finally decided it’s time for another option. Enter in the PowerA Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charger Dock which can charge 4 Joy-Cons at the same time.

PowerA Nintendo Switch Joy-Con USB Cable

Each Joy-Con slot also has LED indicator light to indicate whether or not the Joy-Con is charged. Like so many others, I am out of outlet space behind my TV, so it was nice to see that the dock connects to the Nintendo Switch via USB which tucks in nicely underneath the dock should you need to travel with it or don’t need all of the cable included. When I unboxed the dock I expected to pick up a lightweight plastic dock that would fall over just by looking at it. I was pleasantly surprised that I was absolutely wrong. In fact the dock is weighted perfectly and feels like a substantial piece of hardware. Also to my surprise the device does NOT fall over.

My only complaint, and it’s minor, is that I cannot charge my Nintendo Switch NES Controllers (Link: Our Review) due to their size. Other than that I could not be happier with this dock. I put off purchasing it for quite some time as I normally don’t like aftermarket chargers but this charge dock is sanctioned by Nintendo. The PowerA Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charger Dock is available pretty much anywhere the Nintendo Switch is sold including BestBuy, Target, Gamestop, as well as for $29.99.

Disclosure: This review product was not furnished by PowerA and this review has not been influenced by the manufacturer.

PowerA Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charger Dock
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