Heavy Rain Now Available on PC

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I am pretty sure that I wished this to happen. Heavy Rain, by Quantic Dream S.A launched today on PC via the Epic Games store! I was just thinking about the days that I had a PlayStation 3 and the hours I spent playing this title. This game was originally available on the PlayStation 3 in 2010 as an exclusive title, and then made its way to the PlayStation 4 as a remastered edition later on.

You can now experience this favorite thriller of mine for the first time, or get to enjoy it again if you’ve played it on the PlayStation consoles. Throughout the game you take control of four different characters; Scott Shelby, the Private Eye, Norman Jayden, the FBI Profiler, Madison Paige, a Journalist, and of course Ethan Mars, dad of Jason. Each character has their own motives and own leads to track down “The Origami Killer.” Think carefully about every decision you make in this game. These decisions follow you along the way, and will effect game play.

This title is full of suspense right from the beginning. Ethan loses his son in the mall, you as the character walk around frantically calling his name. “Jason! JASON!!!” Fans of the game will know the despair of following that red balloon. That scene still gives me chills to this day!

Heavy Rain is available now for download for $19.99 in 4K with 60FPS in widescreen. If you won’t take my word for it, go download the demo now and give it a try. Trust me you won’t be disappointed. Check out the Heavy Rain PC trailer as well.

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