Minecraft Earth Early Access has Begun

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News surrounding Microsoft’s Minecraft Earth and it’s early access has been close to non-existent. Minecraft fans from around the world have been clamoring for the release since it was first announced and have been using the hashtag #minecraftearth on Twitter extensively. For instance, there many gamers demanding the release and some even posting photos/videos from the early release and beta. Well wait no more as, Iceland and New Zealand are the first to receive early access. This is great news unless you’re from those countries.

What does this mean for everyone else? We’re not entirely sure! Well that’s not entirely true, as we do know that they have begun to roll out early access. What we don’t know is the time table and what regions will get it next. But, according to Microsoft, Minecraft Earth will be released world-wide over the coming weeks. It’s vague but I will take it!

Microsoft’s been very communicative via Twitter regarding everything about Minecraft Earth, including release dates and features. Keep your eyes peeled on SuperCo-OpBros.com as well as on @minecraftearth on Twitter. We’ll be posting many videos and photos from the early access as well. Don’t forget to check out Super Co-Op Bros on Instagram and on our YouTube channel!

If you’ve had an opportunity tell us how you feel! Let us know in the comments section what you think.

What will region will be next?

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