Animal Crossing: New Horizons Item Catalog

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Have you caught the Animal Crossing: New Horizons bug? It certainly hit us hard here. It’s hit us so hard that we actually bought another Nintendo Switch (Lite). I’ve been quite impressed by the number of items that I have been finding. Till this point I haven’t quite grasped the breadth of item collection. Tonight I was completely floored when I was shown GameFaqs Animal Crossing: New Horizons Catalog of items. The amount of stuff that can be found is INCREDIBLE!

Using GameFaqs catalog, you can search by specific item name or by using categories like housewares, fossils, recipes, accessories and villagers. Each item, when hovered over, shows the buy location & price as well as how much the items sells for.

Unfortunately, there is no place to track your collection progress in Animal Crossing. One neat feature of the item catalog enables players to keep track of what they have collected. Since there is no way to sync the Animal Crossing data between Nintendo’s servers and GameFaqs, this would need to be done manually. In either case it’s a great tool to help on your quest.

See you all at Nook’s Cranny. Don’t forget those damn twins don’t buy turnips on Sunday…

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