Nintendo Slows Mobile Games Growth

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According to Bloomberg, Nintendo is chilling out on the mobile games market on phones. After releasing a series of lackluster titles that have failed to gain traction with fans, they may have temporarily waived the white flag. Many gamers and fans assumed that titles like Mario Kart Tour and Super Mario Run would be a breathe of fresh air to mobile platforms but with the added microtransactions it did not and may have soured many people.

Super Mario Coins

From February through May, according to Sensor Tower, most of Nintendo’s IPs were eclipsed by mobile games like PUBG, Roblox and Gardenscapes. Unsurprisingly, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp saw a surge with entrance of Animal Crossing: New Horizon on the Nintendo Switch. While all is not lost as the company earned 51 billion yen (Approximately $478 million US dollars) in mobile games and licensing deals in fiscal 2019. While that’s some incredible cash, this is half of what Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa estimated, 2 years ago, that their mobile market growth to be.

The good news is that they have may not have completely shunned mobile games market, yet. While it’s not certain that Nintendo will release any future games, we at least know that there probably won’t be any further releases during the fiscal 2020 for Nintendo as per Isao Moriyasu, DeNa Co. President, Nintendo’s mobile development partner. Hopefully, that means that are just going back to the drawing board.

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