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Super Nintendo World – Another Look

Last month we got treated to some awesome Super Nintendo World aerials from Universal Studios in Japan. The other day YouTuber Happyell posted the video below giving us a different perspective.

While this clearly doesn’t show us everything Super Nintendo World it certainly teases a bunch. Any Super Mario Bros. fan will smile when they see Yoshi running around the tree and the coins spinning on top of the platform. Unfortunately, Universal Studios and Nintendo haven’t figured out how to float coins for real so some realism is lost with the pole holding up the coins but that’s ok because it looks amazing nonetheless. We also are given a good look at a Goomba, Koopa Troopa and a Thwomp!

The mountain shown in the video houses the Yoshi ‘omnimover’ type ride based off of Yoshi’s Adventure. The video pans quickly but glimpses of Princess Peach’s Castle, Goal Pole, POW block and of course the infamous Question Blocks. It appears that there are other moving elements like the cloud platform, the Koopa Troopa and the Goomba as well as the coins on above the POW block.

As we get closer to opening more photos/videos will be released. Don’t forget to check out the Super Nintendo World aerials that give a great overview of the land showing off many key features including Bowser’s Castle and the entrance to the land.

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