Super Nintendo World Taking Shape. New Aerials

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With all that has been going on no one is really thinking about going to a theme park. A lot of construction projects have been placed on hold as theme parks around the world have voluntarily closed. Even the Walt Disney Company paused many of their projects while their parks have been closed. One project that we have all seemed to forget was the Universal Studies expansion in Osaka, Japan…Super Nintendo World!!

New aerial photos have surfaced from a now defunct Instagram user, imaiko02 but luckily have resurfaced on ThemeParx Construction Board. This expansion based on none other that the Super Mario Bros. franchise is to have two rides. One will be an ‘omnimover‘ type ride based off of Yoshi’s Adventure. If you’re not familiar with ‘omnimover’ rides think Haunted Mansion or the Little Mermaid ride in Disney World. The other will be a Mario Kart ride that has been under wraps for some time.

Super Nintendo World is shaping up to be a great gamer destination. Not only are the sights going to be incredible, the new land will have state-of-the-art technology to immerse visitors even further with interactive games and touch points. Hopefully, we will see this this expansion at the California or Florida resort in the future. Click the aerials below to enlarge. There is a lot of detail in these pictures. What else can you spot? All in all, I really hope they have a Tanooki Mario statue.

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