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Sony Delays PlayStation 5 Event From June 4th

Sony Delays PlayStation 5 Event From June 4th. In a Twitter post today, Sony announced that it would be temporarily delaying its June 4th PlayStation 5 virtual event. This is due to the death of George Floyd and the events surrounding his death.

Sony announced via Twitter:

Reactions on Sony’s Twitter feed ranged from the highly supportive to not so much, with some users showing their appreciation for Sony taking a back seat to current events, to other users saying they would swear off buying a PS5 for the decision to delay their event.

An earlier post on the official Sony PlayStation Twitter account, @Playstation, which was prompted by the current events surrounding the death of George Floyd at the hands of 4 Minneapolis police officers, was later retweeted by the official Xbox account @Xbox in recognition of Sony’s earlier post.

In lieu of the current event, Sony has set no make-up date for the PlayStation 5 event that was planned. Stay connected here for updates as they come in or if Sony delays any further.

Editors note: A lot is happening around us. Let’s try and keep our eye on the ball as to what is really important.