Sony (Finally) Releases Images of New PlayStation 5 Console

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A week and a half ago, the Sony PlayStation 5 team announced it was postponing a big promotional event for the upcoming next-gen console. PlayStation announced earlier this week the event was being rescheduled for June 11th @ 1:00 PM PST.

While we will have a full redux of the video coming for you, we wanted to share the most hotly anticipated part: What does the PS5 LOOK LIKE???

This…. is PS5

Two versions of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) will be released.  A Blu-Ray version and a Digital version.
PS5 Console screengrab courtesty Sony PlayStation 5 hardware trailer

While tech details have been speculated on, leaked, and teased through official channels, PlayStation has done an amazing job of keeping the lid on the details of the appearance of the PS5. Where we have known what the Xbox Series X was going to look like for months now, this was one detail that had managed to not slip out about the PS5.

Microsoft decided to go in a minimalist route. As a result, the Xbox Series X is a console that is compact and aesthetically unobtrusive. As a result, the Xbox Series X is little more than a 3D rectangle in black, with dimensions that make is roughly the size of a 1 lb loaf of wonder bread.

PlayStation decided to go in a completely opposite direction. It looks as if PlayStation designers dedicated a lot of time to creating this beauty. As visually stunning on the outside as it is powerful on the inside, there be a great debate about whether it is a work of art, or an eyesore. Whatever people decide, the PS5 will certainly be noticed.

The PS5 features a curvaceous white wrap-around, and glossy black central core. LEDs light-up key areas, with a gentle blue radiating from between the core and outer cover. The LEDs provide power/status indicators, as well as add to the aesthetics of the design.

The PlayStation 5 Revealed

A sweet suite – The PlayStation 5 Product Line

PlayStation 5 Product Line
PS5 Console Console and PS5 official accessory hardware (via

The PS5 controller featured a matching color and texture palette, as well as matching blue LED back-lighting, making for a unified design scheme.

Details were shared via 3:15 hardware reveal video (below) that PlayStation released today as part of its PS5-The Future Of Gaming Show release event.

Featured in the video – Two versions of the PS5 are being released at launch: A PS5 standard version (simply the PS5), and a PS5: Digital Edition, which will be absent of an optical drive. Also shown off are PS5 branded Pulse 3D headphones, media remote, DualSense controllers and charging dock.

No details have yet to be revealed on an exact release date, but a “Holidays 2020” release date has been teased. Also absent: any idea on pricing for the new console or what accessory hardware or software might be included. However, we did learn in today’s release video that Sony will include GTA Online free for purchasers of a new PS5 console as part of the GTA V launch in early 2021, so PS5 owners can look forward to at least one title being included in their purchase.

Keep visiting here for updates, and look out for our PS5 – The Future of Gaming Show redux this weekend!

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