AMD Adrenalin 2020 Software, I hate it and So Should You

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Ask anyone that knows my tendencies in PC builds (which really isn’t that many people) and they will tell you: I like AMD.

I’ve been into system building for my entire adult life (ahem.. thats ehhh 20+ years), and all throughout, I’ve mostly gone for AMD stuff.

I’ve owned AMD processors repeatedly and a majority of my discrete graphics have been AMD based. Heck, even the off-the-shelf systems I’ve bought have largely been AMD devices, from a 2005 E-machines (extinct) I bought from CompUSA (also extinct) to an AMD A8 based laptop I bought a few years back that still performs decent consider its nearing a decade in age.

My current rig features an Intel i7-8700K OC processor (sorry AMD, it was before Ryzen had really come into its own), but what kind of graphics did I throw in their? Obviously that’s a rhetorical question…. (Its an AMD, for those of you that didn’t get it.)

So, it pains me to say this…. but I’m a little.. nay… a lot, annoyed with AMD.

Why you so angry, bro?

The source of my ire? AMD’s Adrenalin 2020. For those of you that don’t know, Adrenalin is a suite of software modules that are the driver software for AMD graphics cards, and provides some other useful tools, such as the ability to setup and save configurations for individual games, so you can optimize the graphics cards settings for any game and setup.

One of these software modules is AMD Eyefinity. Eyefinity is the software that allows a user to run their graphics across multiple displays and treat is like a single display. This is especially useful if you are attempting to play certain games where having a panoramic view greatly improves the experience (ie MS Flight Simulator, Forza , etc.)

Now, I will grant that I do NOT have the ideal setup of monitors to run Eyefinity. Frankly, its a shit-show. I am running three monitors on two resolutions: 25″ and 27″ HP displays w/ a native of 1920×1080 and a 32″ AOC running 2560×1440. This, in and of its own, makes running Eyefinity apparently problematic (not that a novice user would have any idea, because there are no directions on how to really use the software.)

So, endeavoring to make it work, I attempted to setup Eyefinity in Adrenelin 2020. The software is pretty much supposed to do the work for you and, I suppose if I had 3 identical monitors, that is exactly what would happen. Like I said, my setup is pretty rough.

However, Adrenalin 2020 has… and this is the part that really pisses me off… no advanced settings. NONE. Zip. Zero. Nada.

The real icing on the cake is that, all versions after v19.12.1 (Dec 1, 2019 release) eliminated the advanced settings. Granted, I wasn’t able to make it work WELL, but at least in the 2019 versions, I had some advanced settings I could fool with. I even (sort of) got it to work. However, AMD decided that even giving the user the option to try to make it work was out of the question and nerfed the utility down to basically an “on/off” switch.

Truth is, Eyefinity stinks. On a stand-alone basis, the 2019 version is fairly limited in its ability to stitch together monitors into a single desktop. I’m sure its not a simple task, but I ought to be able to align the displays vertically with each other, and instead, it only lets you compensate for the bezel in certain setups. However, it gives you the option to adjust desktop size and compensate for the bezel. This was better than the 2020 version, which doesn’t let you do anything aside from deleting the setup.

AMD, what was the point?

What was the point of this AMD? Think you are making life simpler for your users? Well, you are wrong.

Its a good thing I wasn’t using this before. I’ve had dreams of three-screening the upcoming MS Flight Simulator, but I haven’t been using a multi-screen display. I’d have been really angry if I was using Eyefinity in 2019 with some custom settings, only to have my Adrenalin software auto-update to the 2020 editions, and find my setup gone.

I’m only half as annoyed as I could be, and will really have to consider an Nvidia card the next go around.

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