This is the PlayStation 5 Controller – DualSense

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Back in April we received a first look of the PlayStation 5 controller, the DualSense. Today, during the PlayStation 5 reveal event we learned some more. The DualSense looks radically different yet very similar to the PlayStation 4 controller, the DualShock, albeit much smoother and a bit rounder.

PlayStation 5 Controller - DualSense
PlayStation 5 Controller – DualSense

For the first time, Sony has forgone the single color scheme and changed it up a bit. Sony also tested this with several gamers and developers of all shapes and sizes to ensure proper form, fit and function for all gamers. Sony wants the DualSense to feel like an extension of the gamer to further add to the level of immersion in PlayStation 5 games.

Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers are new to the DualSense. Haptic feedback will add many more sensations to the gaming experience and will allow gamers to feel the gaming environment. Adaptive triggers will allow gamers, for the first time, feel tension on the triggers like pulling a bowstring back. While a headset is still the preferred way to chat, the DualSense also includes a speaker and microphone array to allow for chat without a headset and to feature additional game audio. Something we saw many years ago with the Nintendo Wii. Certainly convenient for quick pick me up games or when you forget to charge your headset, which I have done many, many times. Motion controls remains from its previous iteration which will further emphasize Sony’s quest to immerse gamers into the gaming environment. Finally, powering this little beast will be an included rechargeable battery.

Today we received another video showcases the DualSense. Check out this beauty below:

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