Super Nintendo World Delayed + Video Update

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As COVID-19 rages on, several projects in theme parks have been delayed while some projects that aren’t too far gone have been cancelled. With no end in sight, Universal Studios Japan has officially delayed the opening of Super Nintendo World which was slated to open this year. A new opening date will be given once Universal Studios Japans has a plan in place. While the delay is upsetting, the safety of their guests and workers is paramount.

Even though construction has been slowed and the park now officially delayed we have still received a fair share of updated views of the new land from outside of the park. A couple of weeks ago we shared a video displaying some of the show elements from Super Nintendo World in motion. The video was short and only gave us a small glimmer of what to expect. Twitter user 29Qu gave us a little more to sink our piranha plant teeth into.

The video runs 1:14 minutes in length, giving us a new vantage point showing us a few more details that we didn’t get in the last amateur video. This different vantage point gives us a better look of Bowser’s Castle as well as an up close look at a frozen area. Many elements throughout the land are still stationary but some new elements are seen moving for the first time. For example a Koopa shell bouncing back and forth between blocks, a 1-Up, as well as a Piranha Plant are all shown moving. There are also several other show elements that are not moving yet like the baby Yoshis, stacked Goombas, and a Fire Flower. What else can you spot?

Super Nintendo World continues to impress but now that the park has been delayed, we can only rely on these sneak peek videos that give us an insiders look.

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Kevin May (TheCleverPotato)

I’d like this if I could run around in a Mario-esque world and shoot fireballs and goombas and Koopa-troopers from my hands. And maybe break blocks with my head. Bah, who am I kidding. I’m too lazy for that part.

Do the blocks give out free solid gold coins, I hope?

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