Destiny 2 Next-Gen Update is Beautiful, Free

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Bungie, the game developer behind Destiny 2, released its widely anticipated 4K update for next-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on Tuesday. The update comes on the heels of the very recently released Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion, which went live just weeks ago on November 10. Perhaps the best news for fans of the game, as well as the initiated, is that the updates are completely free. The upgrade brings 60 FPS 4K to supported displays and also offers 120 FPS in 4K for “The Crucible,” Destiny 2’s PVP arena battle mode.

The Destiny 2 update will not interrupt cross-platform play for any players. Currently, Destiny 2 supports cross-platform between Xbox, PlayStation and PC versions, and the next-gen upgrades do not affect this. It also does not affect Destiny 2’s unique “Cross-Save” feature, which allows players to link their avatars (up to 3) per account across multiple platforms, allowing players to play their same characters on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, as well as Google Stadia.

I got a chance to hop in this afternoon shortly afternoon to check out the updated graphics in Destiny 2, playing on a Samsung 75″ Q9FN QLED display, and excellent as Destiny 2 had rendered already on a new Series X, the graphics were clearly sharper at the higher resolution and improved refresh rate. It’s difficult to overly wowed by a transformation such as this, with a title that was built on a graphics engine now several years old, but Bungie did a very respectable job updating the rendering for the latest hardware. That being said, In the first cut scenes I watched (the conversation between the Exo Stranger on Europa that introduced the “Reclaiming Europa” Quest) there were some brief video artifacts that did not belong (vertical lines through the NPC’s clothing”) though the issue didn’t recur, and otherwise, in about 30 minutes of playing through that quest, I noticed no other issues. It took maybe 5-10 minutes to get comfortable with the improved resolution and framerate, as it was initially slightly disorienting due to the level of sharpness to the movement when looking around, especially when in FPS.

The Destiny 2 next gen update will require a multi-GB download, so if you are in the mood to play, you’ll want to plan a few minutes in advance, depending on your internet speed. However, I was happy to find my Series X, which is setup for auto-updates, actually downloaded the update on its own this afternoon (a nice change from the Xbox One, which for the longest time rarely ever seemed to have this feature work.)

In addition to this, for long-time fans of Destiny, veteran players will see the return of the Exotic Hawkmoon Hand Cannon, an iconic weapon dating back to the original Destiny. The weapon is a quest reward as part of Season of the Hunt. Additionally, players will get to experience the return of the Prophecy Dungeon, the realm of the IX.

Download Destiny 2 via the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, via Steam or Google Stadia. Destiny 2 is Free to Play on Xbox GamePass, PlayStation Now and the base game is free via Steam and Stadia. Game Pass Ultimate users also have free access to the Beyond Light expansion base edition, with Deluxe editions with and without season passes available for pay.

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