Xbox Cloud Gaming Coming to iOS in 2021

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If you recall, a few months ago, Microsoft was testing xCloud on both Android and iOS devices. Just before the Android release of xCloud, or now better known as Cloud Gaming, the iOS beta was abruptly ended due to Apple’s App Store policies regarding streaming game services. The following month, probably due to mounting pressure from the industry, Apple changed its stance, albeit ever so slightly, regarding streaming services and updated its App Store guidelines. Despite the changes, services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Google’s Stadia still couldn’t make it into the App Store since Apple required any games offered on the streaming service must have a store presence on the App Store. That’ll never happen give the amount of titles that are on Xbox Game Pass.

Luckily, there is still hope. Xbox announced today in a recent blog post that they are still working on Cloud Gaming coming to iOS and Windows PC Spring 2021 further expanding Phil Spencer’s vision of Xbox Live on devices other than an Xbox console. While Cloud Gaming will be coming to Windows PC via the Xbox App, Cloud Gaming will be able to circumvent the App Store guidelines by utilizing the web browser, much akin to what Google Stadia is planning to do as well.

Besides confirming Xbox Cloud gaming coming to iOS in the Spring, Microsoft also subtly announced that, at least for iOS devices, they will be allowing touch controls for those days where you don’t have an Xbox controller with you while traveling. In the blog post, they specifically reference Minecraft Dungeons as having touch controls, but this could be expanded to many more games where the control scheme is not too complex requiring an Xbox controller.

In the meantime, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One owners can stream to their iOS devices via Remote Play before Xbox Cloud Gaming comes in the Spring.

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