Back 4 Blood Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage

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Turtle Rock Studios and Warner Bros. Games continue to surprise us with Back 4 Blood goodness. Not only did they give us a cinematic trailer yesterday, but they also announced the Back 4 Blood release date of June 22, 2021. But in even more exciting news, the studio surprisingly announced a short Back 4 Blood pre-alpha test for PC that will take place next week.

The PC only Back 4 Blood pre-alpha test will take place December 17th through December 21st right after the Back 4 Blood Gameplay Showcase event on the 17th which will stream live on Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube which will begin at 10 a.m. PST/6 p.m. BST. Registration for the pre-alpha test though is available now and as always doesn’t guarantee access.

Now for the pi├Ęce de r├ęsistance, pre-alpha gameplay footage has also been released giving us the first real glimpse of what Back 4 Blood would offer. It’s hard not to compare Back 4 Blood to Left 4 Dead as there are many wonderful similarities. From 4 player cooperative gameplay, beautiful scenery, and different zombie variants, everything that made Left 4 Dead a hit is in Back 4 Blood. Since we are over six months out from release, it’s no doubt that Turtle Rock Studios has not shown their entire hand but we can already see many new elements in the Back 4 Blood pre-alpha gameplay including destructible environments. Now I just hope they bring back a Witch variant.

Lots more information will be announced as we get closer to the actual release date and hopefully some more during the Back 4 Blood Gameplay Showcase event on the 17th. Check out the Back 4 Blood pre-alpha gameplay footage below! It only gets better from here folks.

Queue up the zombie Witch music… Best zombie variant ever…

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