House Shattered Update Warps Into Star Trek Online

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Star Trek Online, the free-to-play MMO from Arc Games and Perfect World Entertainment, continues its “The Year of Klingon” epic with the release of its second Klingon-focused update, Star Trek Online: House Shattered. Announced yesterday on Xbox Wire and ARC News, the second installment in “The Year of Klingon”, House Shattered follows the House Divided updated that was introduced last September, and brought J’Ula, the sister of T’Kuvma of Star Trek: Discovery into the year 2411, and opened the “Year of Klingon” epic for the game franchise, and bringing Star Trek veteran Robert O’Reilly, the actor who portrayed crazy-eyed Chancellor Gowron of the Star Trek: TNG and DS9 series to portray Akar, an ancestor of Gowron, who is a follower of J’Ula.

House Shattered, features an impressive cast, with O’Reilly returning to reprise his House Divided role as Akar. House Shattered also features J.G. Hertzler, who portrayed Martok on DS9, and is cast in the role here as well. Also featerd is Rehka Sharma, who played Ellen Landry, the season one chief of security who gets killed by the tardigrade while attempting to subdue it. In House Shattered, she plays the role of Klingon spy Adet Pa, who the player must enlist as an ally in their quest. Players starting the House Shattered expansion will find themselves falsely accused of executing an attack on Khitomer. Players must hire a crew and then break into Chancellor J’Mpok’s private computer files in order to find the evidence they need to clear there name of the attack.

However, House Shattered will feature more than just this questline. Updates to the games classic Klingon content continue, with updates to the Klingon quests “Bringing Down the House” and “The House Always Wins”, which have been retooled and reimagined, as well as updates to ships and character options. Not all of the updates included are Klingon in nature. Players will be able to relive the events of Star Trek: Picard when the synths rose up against the Mars base Utopia Planetia, and will be able to participate in the Widening Gyre event, which unlocks new upgrade sets for players ships, offering the Experimental Ship Upgrade token. There will also be a new Mirror Universe version of the Constitution-class starship available for unlock from the Infinity Lock Box.

Star Trek Online: House Shattered is available now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and PC and is free to download for the Xbox as well as for the PC from both the Microsoft Xbox Live store, as well as directly from Arc Games. Check out the trailer for the new House Shattered update and download the game to try it out!

Mirror Universe Constitution Class Ship – Image Credit: Xbox Wire

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