Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Problems

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I’ve always been a fan of Turtle Beach. I mean, in the early 2000’s I think, they were the best of the best when it came to gaming headsets. Back then, if you had a Turtle Beach headset you were on top of your game. No pun intended. Is that the case today? I am not sure sure given my recent issues with my Turtle Beach Stealth 700 issues.

I’ve had several headsets from Turtle Beach over the years that have broken due to, well we will call it mishandling, but they’ve always been replaced with a newer model as the sound quality was pretty darn good. Since my last Turtle Beach headset physically broke at the head adjustment, it was time for yet another upgrade. When I purchased the Stealth 700, I noticed that it appeared much more flimsy and cheap compared to my Stealth 420X+ headset but nevertheless, I was happy with the purchase as the sound quality was solid. Taking special note of the build quality, and the fact I didn’t want to have to buy another headset, I made sure to take care of the Stealth 700. Sadly, this too has met its demise.

Saturday afternoon, I played a couple of hours online with no issues and plugged it in to charge to make sure that I had a full charge Saturday night. Later that night, I unplugged it in, heard the usual “Powering On” audio clip, then dead silence. No audio, no “Headset Assigned” on the Xbox Series X, nothing. Tried to power it up and the same thing happened again. What happened in 6 hours? Your guess is as good as mine.

After taking to Turtle Beach’s support page, I found the “Headset Recovery Process” support document that resets and updates the firmware. After several attempts, the update process failed and the headset is still dead. In the meantime, I submitted a support ticket with Turtle Beach which was met with a quick response with a link to the Headset Recovery Process which I already have tried. Luckily, my alternative setup is using the Xbox App and my Airpods Pro but I hate the lack of in-game audio, especially when playing first-person shooters, but you got to do what you got to do.

I guess now I will have to wait to see what Turtle Beach says regarding my Stealth 700, and hopefully get a replacement or a way to bring them back to life. Headsets should have a much longer lifespan than 1-2 years. In the meantime though, I just bought a RIG 700HX (what’s with these model numbers?!) that is so far VERY good. A more detailed review is coming.

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