Gaming Headsets… Can You Hear Me Now?

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I hate it when my gaming sessions start off sounding like an old Verizon commercial? “Can you hear me now?” Followed by a reboot, a reconnect and another “Can you hear me now…what about now?” I have pitched quite a few of my gaming headsets across the room. But we’ll get to a solution to this shortly.

It all started when I couldn’t get my Bluetooth headset to properly sync with my PC while playing Minecraft. After a frustrating few minutes I had an epiphany. My headset could also connect to my iPhone so I could use the Xbox Live app to chat. What I didn’t realize at this then is this would be my de facto way of chatting when playing games but on all platforms.

Apple AirPods Pro – An Impromptu Pseudo Review

For a while, I would use my Apple AirPods and was semi-satisfied with the sound quality and fit. I recently switched to the Apple AirPods Pro. Not only is fit MUCH better than the original AirPods, the sound quality is as well. But enough of the that, this isn’t a review on the Apple AirPods Pro but about how I changed my chat habits. However, if you’re in the market, you should buy a pair of Apple AirPods Pro! Ok I am done.

The convenience of being connected to the phone meant I could use ANY headset that would connect to my iPhone. Maneuverability around the house became easier and heat was no longer an issue. I was no longer bound to a headset that could connect to my Xbox One or a wired headphone solution. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my Turtle Beach Stealth 700 gaming headset. But, I didn’t like having large headphones on my head and the heat issues that come with it. Also, I have to worry about whether or not the battery was charged on my headset. I don’t want to admit the amount of times my Stealth 700 died mid-game. Clearly my fault 100% of the time. Still doesn’t make it right.

Solution to Many Problems

As I mentioned earlier, connecting to Xbox Live on my phone has become the de facto way of joining a party on and off the PC. This has solved my party issues on the PC as well as on the Nintendo Switch. If you recall a few years ago Nintendo announced in order to use voice chat you’d have to use your phone. Many scoffed at this as I did but now, I have found myself also using the phone method even when playing on the Xbox One. This has alleviated all of my voice chat issues with my Xbox One and has opened up a new market of Bluetooth headsets for me. On top of that it’s consolidated my gaming headsets for all my devices from 3 to 4 down to 1.

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