New Diablo Game Boo-ed at BlizzCon?

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In a Q & A session with game designer Wyatt Cheng it was revealed that Blizzard’s newest installment to the Diablo series, Diablo Immortal, would only be playable on mobile devices (iOS and Android). This caused some amount of dissatisfaction among PC and console players as they started booing that disappointing information. Cheng and his colleague on stage tried to keep it lighthearted by joking with that crowd about owning mobile phones but the message was clear that the fans are not pleased.

When asked why Cheng had this to say: “At the end of the day, at Blizzard, we’re gamers,” Cheng said. “And we play a ton of games on all platforms, console, PC. We play board games. We play card games. We just play games, and a lot of us play mobile games. And I think when we look at an opportunity to make an awesome mobile game, we want to take it.”

Take a look at this clip from @CreativeXtent on Twitter.

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[…] the booing of Diablo Immortal over the weekend it was hoped and speculated that Blizzard had another trick up their sleeve; that […]

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