No Friends Play Online for Super Mario Maker 2

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Woah woah woah, this sounds terrible. During the Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct it was revealed that the sequel will include challenges and co-op play that could be played online… with friends. Little did we know at that time this was just an assumption and that no matter how many friends you have you won’t be able to play with any of them, at least over the internet.

Nintendo confirmed to GameXplain that ” As the game is now, you cannot create friend lobbies online. You can only play online with randoms. ”

This is true. As the game is now, you cannot create friend lobbies online. You can only play online with randoms. You can still get friends together and play with local play, and you’re free to play with four players on one Nintendo Switch system. You can also still challenge your friends to your creations and take on their designs through Course IDs and having them follow your Maker profile.

GameXplain’s YouTube Channel

Local Co-op remains untouched but you won’t be able to get on the leaderboards by playing with your friends. This makes a lot of sense as it opens the door to fraud and ruins the validity of the leader boards. It’s unclear as to why Nintendo chose to remove friend matches all together from online play but it’s not unusual for Nintendo to do something out of the ordinary. For example, Friend codes…. They still suck, yet Nintendo won’t let go.

There has been a ton of backlash on the net regarding this recent revelation. Hopefully Nintendo will have a change of heart before launch or patch it in after. Super Mario Maker 2 is due out June 28th, 2019 for the Nintendo Switch. You can read more about Mario Maker 2 in our Nintendo Direct write up.

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[…] Big news regarding Co-Op play! In local Co-Op players can team up using the Joy-Cons and work together in creating a level. This has the potential to be a lot of fun or create havoc when creative differences come in to play. Locally players will be able to play levels cooperatively or against each other in a race to the end. This mode can also be played over the Internet if you have a Nintendo Online account. Update: It was confirmed on 5/28/2019 that these modes can only be played with random players and not friends. See Article: No Friends Play Online Super Mario Maker 2. […]

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