Dr. Mario World coming to iOS and Android in July

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Fans of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) are going to get a large dose of nostalgia with Nintendo’s latest announcement. Dr. Mario World is coming to iOS and Android devices on July 10th, 2019!

Even though the game is free-to-play, you can go ahead and pre-order Dr. Mario World so that it’s ready for play at the time of release. Like many free-to-play mobile games, this will have typical microtransactions where players can buy diamonds for power-ups or more hearts to reset the cool down timer.

Nintendo also showed off the different characters like Dr. Bowser, Dr. Toad, Dr. Yoshi and Dr. Peach who all have different abilities to help clear the board of germs. Fans of the Dr. Mario series will be surprised to see that the pills go up instead of down like Tetris which for the most part doesn’t change the overall gameplay. Finally players will be able to connect with friends and share hearts and battle friends through the leaderboards.

For more information and gameplay videos check out https://drmario-world.com/

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[…] Dr. Mario World hit the Google Play Store and Apple App store July 9th, a day earlier than expected. Weighing in at 192 MB, this slightly hefty download should be no problem to download over LTE but you may want to wait till you’re on WiFi. While the game is free to play, it does offer in app purchases for diamonds (needed to use items and refill heart meter) and tier packs (which we are unsure of just yet). […]

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