GameCube Joy-Con Mod – Cheating?

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few days, you’ve probably seen the GameCube Joy-Con mod. If you haven’t, I will include the video at the bottom of the post for your viewing pleasure. In a nutshell, an avid gamer and hardware enthusiast, Shank Mods, cut a Wavebird Wireless Controller in half and made it Switch compatible using Joy-Con parts. Don’t be mistaken, it’s not as easy as it sounds. This is no plug-n-play mod. 3D printing of support structures, sculpting of the body, rewiring, as well as adding the additional Joy-Con buttons to the Wavebird were needed. He even created a center piece that allow the two controller halves to come together. Once together this modified Wavebird is the same size as an original. The level of detail that Shank Mods put into this mod is incredible. This is truly an incredibly impressive mod.

Shank Mods GameCube Controller Mod

Shank Mods warned, this is not a beginner’s mod due to the level of Joy-Con wiring modifications needed. While difficult, he does plan on releasing the CAD files for anyone brave enough to tackle this mod.

While this GameCube Joy-Con modification is impressive, it begs the question: Is it cheating? Experienced Super Smash Bros. players love the GameCube controller and have been asking for a Nintendo Switch variant since the release of SMB on the Switch. While we probably won’t see this hit the masses, does it create an unfair advantage over those that are using a Pro-Controller or another 3rd party type?

Watch the build video below:

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