Minecraft Quality of Life Upgrades

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Minecraft. A game that many love and many don’t understand. At the surface the game looks ridiculous when you compare its graphics to top tier games on current generations. Once you dig deeper into it, it sucks you in and never lets you go. The game is deep, yet simplistic. Minecraft has come along way since it’s Java edition debut in 2011, with many new features, new mobs, new blocks, new biomes, etc. Minecraft of 2020 is massive compared to 2011, but we need Mojang to start listening. We need quality of life upgrades!!!!

The latest Minecraft update brought bees. Bees! Did the Minecraft community really ask for bees?! Now don’t get me wrong, I in fact LOVE the bees and think they are a pretty neat addition. I am, however, annoyed at the fact that the bees won’t naturally spawn in already discovered areas. Instead, we have to bring bees to the area and manually populate the area. While this doesn’t sound like a huge deal, it is when you have a very large Realm that is well developed. I refuse to believe that the developers couldn’t stick bees nests in the trees of these areas. Laziness! But again… lack of quality of life upgrades.

So many aspects of Minecraft have been basically left untouched. Here are some items that would make the gameplay a bit more enjoyable. Items that would be easy to implement, which would alleviate some of the frustrations.

Our Quality of Life Shortlist

  • Crafting menu overhaul
  • More lighting options (more than torches and lanterns)
  • Interior design items like tables and chairs
  • Long awaited, but cancelled, “Super Duper Graphics Update”
  • (Bug) FOV position when entering mine carts. Gets me every time!

What can we expect from the next update? A HUGE Nether update is planned which will bring biomes to the Nether as well as new mobs. This update looks and sounds great but… Mojang, we love the new content but please take some time to backtrack and clean up some of the mess! Your fans will thank you for it.

What else would you like to see Mojang and Microsoft add as a quality of life update?

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