Xbox Coming to E3, Spencer says

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Yesterday’s big news – Sony is skipping E3 2020. Today, Xbox head, Phil Spencer, announces that they are “hard at work on E3.” With Sony bowing out a second year in a row, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X can now take center stage at E3. Phil Spencer took to Twitter to make sure that Xbox fans knew that Xbox will not be missing E3 2020.

More than likely their next-gen system will be center stage at E3 2020, but nothing is certain. Spencer did not confirm what they were working on for E3. However, since Nintendo doesn’t have a new console, and PlayStation is going to be a no-show, it makes sense that we’ll see more Xbox games and hardware.

The question we have now is this: Will we even see the PlayStation 5 before E3? Microsoft has already unveiled its newest system. So far, we’ve only seen the development models of the PS5.

Also, what kind of exclusive games and content will Microsoft and other developers have to show off at E3, as devs have transitioned more toward cross platform software. Will the real excitement focus more on new tech versus exclusive content?

This will be the first time that Sony and Microsoft will not be going head-to-head at the conference promoting a new console. It will be interesting to see how this will affect the sales once we get into the holiday season. Will Sony’s multiple fan-based events prove more profitable than one and done E3 for Microsoft? It’s also possible that Microsoft could take a multifaceted approach and also have fan-based events. The outcome of this console war could lay out the future of E3.

The E3 2020 event is June 9 through June 11, 2020, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. For further details about the event, check out Of course, keep an eye out at as well

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