Lego Nintendo Entertainment System Coming

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Nintendo Switch….Check. Original NES…. Check. NES Classic…Check. Lego Nintendo….wait what?

The official Lego twitter account is teasing gamers today with their latest tweet showing off what looks like a Lego Nintendo or better known as a Lego NES.

The video is short and not very revealing but if you stare at it long enough you can see the outline of a TV, NES controller and an NES. The longer you look at it the more NES details start to pop out like the shape, the black accent by the controller ports, and the TV.

No other information was given by Lego other than the hint, “Are you ready to play like never before?” The image in the official tweet does, however, coincide very nicely with VJGamer’s photos from a few weeks ago.

From what we can tell, and if these images are real which we are sure they are, this 18 or older set will a whopping 2646 pieces. Price points haven’t been released but judging by other price points for similar sized Lego sets we are thinking anywhere from $200-$250. While this unit is not playable, we do know that it will come with a TV, Super Mario Bros. game, NES controller and the NES console. The screen itself has a crank on the side of the set that can be rotated to select between at least 2 different scenes from the original Super Mario Bros.

Release date at this point is unknown other than it should be coming in the next few weeks. Additional box art with more details can be found at VJGamer. Check it out. This is a VERY details set and for anyone that is a Lego or Nintendo fan.

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