PlayStation 4 for 80 Year Old Birthday Dad

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Here is a nice feel good story for a Sunday night. Gift giving, especially for a parent, can be especially difficult and frustrating at times. What do you get an 80 year old dad? The number one answer, I can assure you, on Family Feud is not a, “PlayStation 4!”

That’s what Dick DeZengremel received from his kids while celebrating his 80th birthday with friends and family on July 10th. The video shows him unwrapping the PS4 and gasping, “Oh oh, I was going to buy one of these!” while everyone else laughs and going on, “Oh my god! You really surprised me this time.” Check out the video as it will certainly make you smile. I can imagine that most of us will have the same reaction when we unwrap that next-gen console when we are 80. Fox 32 in Colorado has the entire story and the full video.

Now all the kids have to do is buy dad a PlayStation 4 game for each of his birthdays. Problem is, what kind of games does Dad like?! Happy Birthday Dick DeZengremel, Here’s to many gaming years to come sir. Game on sir!

Think he’ll pre-order a PlayStation 5?

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