Intellivision Amico Live Event August 4th

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As Microsoft and Sony get ready to release their latest, greatest and most powerful consoles, revived brand Intellivision is also preparing for the release of its Amico console, and is holding a big event on August 4th to show off new details on both its hardware and software.

There is little revealed about the event on the Amico homepage, with similarly minimal talk about the event on the official Facebook page and Twitter feed, though they did share this funny event announcement trailer a couple of days ago:

Intellivision Amico Special Event Trailer

The Intellivision’s Amico is the modern revival of Intellivision console of the late 70’s and early 80’s. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the Intellivision was developed by Mattel (as in the toy company) to directly compete with the Atari 2600. Intellivision succeeded in becoming the first home video gaming console to really challenge Atari’s dominance of the market at the time.

Flash forward to today, Tte Amico is, at appearances, a console of simplicity by comparison to the sophisticated, high priced, and high powered heavyweights. Rather than a complicated dual-stick controller with myriad control buttons, its standard wireless recharable controllers (two of them included) feature a control disc with buttons on the side and color touchscreen LCD display. The controllers closely mimic the appearance of a modern smartphone.

By scale to the handheld controller, it appears the console is also fairly small in size, which is good news for prospective buyers with limited space on their entertainment centers. No mammoth-sized PS5 console the size of a 1980’s era. None of the non-descript big black box of the Xbox Series X.

Also attractive is the pricing for the Amico Console. Unlike the yet-to-be-disclosed, but highly speculated-about prices of the Xbox Series X and the PS5, which may rightfully come in at around the $400-$500 price range, a new Amico console is currently selling pre-orders for the entry fee if $249, which includes two wireless charging controllers and six pre-installed games.

Due to the relatively simplistic game designs, new titles are expected to range in price from a measly $2.99 at the low end to $9.99 at the high.

Courtesy Intellivision

Intellivision touts Amico’s simplistic games and is weighing heavily on its highly family-friendly appeal, swearing off any kind graphic videogame violence, and designing only games rated in the E to E10+ range by the ESRB ratings guidelines. Games such as Cornhole and Astrosmash are throw-backs to the simple video games of the past, albeit with a highly updated appearance.

Perhaps one of the neatest advertised features is the console’s ability to support up to 8 players. Doing so also requires no additional controllers as anyone with an Android or iOS smartphone can connect using an app available from Amico, which will simulate the controls on the player’s smartphone. So, unlike the Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch, which don’t even support this many players, Amico supports these without the added expense of $50-80 per controller to let friends and family in on the gaming action.

Participants who pre-register for the press event will be registered to win a new Amico “Founders Edition” console, and will have the chance to submit a question for Intellivision’s CEO, Tommy Tallarico to answer during the live broadcast on Intellivision Amico’s Youtube Channel. Preregister by visiting the event registration page, and check out the live stream at 1:00 PM EST/10:00 AM PST on August 4th.

The Amico is set for a release date of 10/10/2020.

For more details on the concept behind the Amico console, check out this video from Intellivision’s CEO Tommy Tallarico talking about the vision for Amico.

Did you game on the original Intellivision back in the late 70’s and early 80’s? We’d love to hear about it! Post your comments below, and keep the conversation going!

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