Intellivision Amico – Gaming For The Nostalgia Crowd

Intellivision Alive and (Well?) With Its Soon To Debut Amico Console

Before we get into the Intellivision Amico we need to clear the air. We don’t often stray off the beaten path of the major gaming devices out there today. I’m not just referring to “we” as in us here at Super Co-Op Bros, but in general, as a gaming community. Its Xbox this, PlayStation that, Nintendo, PC, blah blah. (That is probably by design of these major players in the gaming market.)

Depending on your age (and I’m REALLY dating myself on this one) you might have at one time or another in the distant past played one of the earliest console gaming systems. What system, you ask? None other than the Intellivision.

What is an “Intellivision?”

Move over Intellivision, the Intellivision Amico is on its way.
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Well. THAT monstrosity is… was an Intellivision. For the older people in our audience, this thing was a window to the future.

This isn’t a history lesson, but Intellivision was produced by the Mattel Electronics Corp, and debuted in 1979. Featuring 8-bit graphics, it went through several revisions before eventually falling to out of the market toward the end of the 80’s.

Cartridge games plugged into a port on the side of this beast. It featured two wired controllers that were more reminiscent in appearance of a telephone receiver that would have been hanging in the modern early 1980’s home’s kitchen wall than anything else.

Its simple games occupied me for countless hours in my formative years, before I owned my first Atari SE and my first NES console.

So it came as quite the surprise today when I stumbled across this obscured and, honestly, amazing fact. Intellivision (the company) is still around. Not only that, but they have a new console in the works, which is due out later this year.

Maybe I’m late to the party on hearing news of this. Forgive me, I plainly have tunnel vision toward the big 3 consoles and PC’s.

Nostalgia In Abundance

It would seem Intellivision is banking on the nostalgia vote to sell its consoles. Additionally, the Amico features family-oriented branding. “Educational,” “Retro,” and “Family-friendly” are among the catchwords that feature prominently, as does its claim of all games it features sporting and ESRB rating of “E for Everyone”.

Many of the games featured in the trailer are basic platformers, side-scrollers and table-top type games. They seem to place a larger emphasis on multi-player and co-operative problem-solving. Many of the games seem to be adaptations and modernization of titles which were featured on the original consoles.

The Amico will come with two wirelessly rechargeable controllers. Additionally, it will support up to a total of any combination of 8 wirelessly connected controllers, or any smartphone with either iOS or Android to use as a controller and a downloadable app. For $249.99 you can chose from a black or white console color, and a price of $299.99 gets you the “limited edition,” which is currently available in “Galaxy Purple” exclusively through GameStop. Pre-order is available for all three versions exclusively through GameStop.

Intellivision Amico is set for release on 10/10/20 based on pre-order delivery dates advertised on  

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  1. Considering that Intellivision predicted the release price to be $149-$179 way back in 2018 when they started developing it, I would have to agree. Though the per game cost is very low. Might be enough to offset the initial cost, not to mention no need to drop $80-$90 US for a second set of controllers…