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Intellivision Amico held its live event this week revealing a bunch of details about the upcoming Amico console. The event happened a day late due to some last minute developments. A great number of details were revealed, and we are going to recap the highlights here!

The Intellivision event kicked off with a montage of images from the early history of Intellivision, one of the earliest home video game consoles.

Hosted by Tommy Tallarico, CEO of Intellivision, the event takes us through plans for the release of the console, details on many of the games being developed for the console, and design elements and technical details of the console and controller. We’ve looked at some of these details recently, but got more details on the games today.

In the initial part of the event stream, Tallarico, choked up, explains that 3 years ago, when design on the Amico began, he had picked the date 10/10/2020 as a release date as an homage to his late sister, Karen, who was born on October 10th, and had intended to release the console in her honor on that date. As a result of current event, most significantly the COVID-19 pandemic, have made coordinating suppliers, designers, engineers, retailers and manufacturers to produce a quality product, just was not achievable.

A new release date of April 15th, 2021 has been targeted, with buyers who pre-purchase the wood-grain designed “Founder’s Edition” getting early delivery on April 3, 2021. As Tallarico says “In other words, 4, 3, 2-1, Launch!”

Following Tallarico’s 5-minute monologue, we got treated several presentations on a number of the titles that are being developed for the Intellivision. Many of the titles are re-imaginings of games that were developed for the original Intellivision systems.

Rebooted Titles

Astrosmash, a 1-4 player co-op campaign play or versus modes. Originally developed in 1981 for the Intellivision, Astrosmash for Intellivision Amico is a re-imagining of the original shoot-em up game. The goal- destroy asteroids, bombs, UFO, and other objects which are falling toward you on your planet’s surface.

Intellivision Amico – Astrosmash gameplay demo

The games Army Battle and Battle Tank were re-imagined into a new “Intellivision Battetanks” title, which puts up to 4 players on a table-top style combat field, controlling tanks in a battle of last player standing or last team standing.

Choice Provisions is developing a paddle-based game for the Amico, re-booting BreakOut. If you are not familiar- the player moves a paddle back and forth across one side of the screen to bounce a puck or ball back and forth in order to break an ever-advancing wall of colored blocks.

Perhaps the most impressive of re-imaginings of games coming to Amico is Bomb Squad. The goal? Defuse the bomb, successfully, before it explodes. The twist? The players work in harmony to coordinate actions and inputs to perform the necessary steps to defuse the bomb. The game integrates inputs from all the players controllers and requires the players to perform tasks using the buttons, control disc, LCD screen, excelorometer and microphone inputs in order to defuse the bomb.

New Titles

The Intellivision event showed us some classics rebooted, but that, developers wide and varied from Mattel (the originator of the Intellivision) based around its Hot Wheels toys, to mobile game developers Concrete Software, to German PC/Console indie developer Headup Games, are creating new titles for the Amico as well.

Concrete is developing Monster Spades. Monster Spades is simply and essentially a collection of card games. All the players- using either their Amico controller, or their compatible and connected smartphone device, hold their hands of cards on their individual touchscreen device, with the screen displaying the “tabletop”.

Intellivision has teamed up in a partnership with the ACL (American Cornhole League) to bring a console version of this popular backyard pass-time. Cornhole has a growing fanbase in the sporting world, and ESPN even features professional ACL games on its network.

Stuntman Legend Evel Knievel is being enshrined in a game, titled after world-renowned stunt performer. Evel Knievel puts the player on the seat of the motorcycle as Knievel, attempting to perform various death-defy stunts on a stunt-course.

The range of games, both new and rebooted, is extensive, and the list here is far from all-inclusive.

You can check out the entire Intellivision event below, including the 15 minute Q&A wrap up. Intellivision will be putting up a monthly Q&A as well, since they had over 1500 questions submitted prior to the event.

What do you think of the Intellivision Amico? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment in the area below, and keep the conversation going!

Intellivision Amico Special Event, Aug 5th, 2020
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