Minecraft Characters Join Super Smash Bros

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Better train up! Masahiro Sakurai, creator of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. announced on Thursday as part of this exciting trailer for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Challenger Pack 2 that Alex and Steve of Minecraft joins Smash, and will be featured as part of the upcoming update on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo regularly updates and incorporates characters from across a wide range of titles, and this isn’t the first time that Nintendo has incorporated characters from outside its own exclusive titles to its assortment of Smash fighters, and Steve and Alex will bring some new excitement and fun to the franchise. If the trailer is any indication, the pixelated styling of the Minecraft universe, as well as other elements of the Minecraft universe will be incorporated into Steve and Alex’s various fighting skills.

Video Credit: Nintendo / Super Smash Bros.

Check back in on October 3rd, when Mr. Sakurai will host another video featuring more details about the upcoming Challenger Pack, and will give more details on the addition of Steve and Alex, and when a release date will be announced.

Steve and Alex will be are part of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass Volume 2, which will run $29.99, but will also be available separately in the Challenger Pack 7 at a retail price of $5.99. Players that purchase the Fighters Pass Volume 2 will get access to not only Steve and Alex from Minecraft, but also the previously released Min Min from ARMS, and four other challenger packs that have yet to be announced, and will each include one fighter, one stage, and several new music tracks.

Minecraft Joins Smash
Image Credit : Nintendo Super Smash Bros.

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