Mario Kart Live – Developer Story and New Information Revealed

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The folks at Nintendo and Velan Studios have been hard at working to bring Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit to life. Today, additional information was revealed giving us some additional insight as to what to expect when MKLive is released this month. Developer Velan Studios also released a developer video in which they gave background information on what went into development.

We learned earlier this month that there are two versions of Mario Kart Live which include either Mario or Luigi and will feature multiplayer support up to 4 players. Each player will need a Nintendo Switch and their own kart. While that does mean you’ll have duplicate vehicles in the real course, it was announced today that by collecting coins through competing in races, the player’s on screen car can be customized to suit their tastes and desires by purchasing skins and items with those coins in-game. Most importantly, we also learned that it will be released on October 16th for a $99.99.

Today, we also learned that there will be eight Grand Prix cups, featuring 24 different races that will include elements in game that affect the physical karts themselves. For example, bananas and shells cause the real kart to stop, Bullet Bill causes your kart to push forward through the course avoiding obstacles and turns without any input from you, and mushrooms cause your kart to surge in speed. Check out the new Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit trailer that shows these elements, and also gives us an idea of speed.

Additionally, Mario Kart Live will include environmental themes like underwater, volcanic, and retro, which will blend those elements with your real-world environment. It is said that you will need about 10′ x 12′ in order to set up the track. The good news is that using the included gates, users will be able to design any type of track they want. The first time you set up a track, you drive the kart through the course, going through each gate, in any shape that you’d like. The kart itself remembers your design and commits that as the current track. As you can imagine, the sky is the limit when designing tracks like this. Players will also be able to add virtual elements via the Nintendo Switch to further spice up the levels.

Mario Kart Live included items
Included in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

The Grand Prix cups are not the only way to enjoy Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. Other modes include.

  • Custom Race: This mode gives players even more room for creativity, designing not just the physical layout of the course, but also the ability to add hazards, items and more to bring truly unique creations to life.
  • Time Trials: Players create a course and then race to set the fastest time possible – competing either against their own personal best, or handing the controller to another player for an exciting Time Trials head-to-head that requires only one Nintendo Switch system and one Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit game.
  • Mirror Mode: For those who fancy an extra challenge, this mode allows all of the Grand Prix cups to be played in mirror image, with right turns becoming left and the familiar becoming unfamiliar.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit will be hitting store shelves and online retailers on October 16 for $99.99. Nintendo Switch is not included and multiple Nintendo Switches are required for multiplayer play.

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