Here It Is, Xbox Series S Price and Release Date

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At some point on Monday, while some of us were nursing a hangover from a wondrous three day weekend, Microsoft went ahead and confirmed the Xbox Series S price and release date. It comes as no surprise that the Xbox Series S is a real product as here have been many leaks that were legitimate, like the Xbox Series S controller found in the wild, and some that weren’t, like the leaked Xbox Series S images. It should be no surprise at this point given the fact that even PlayStation has announced an all-digital offering.

Xbox Series S officially revealed alongside price and release date.

Officially announced yesterday via the official Xbox Twitter feed, the Xbox Series S is coming at an incredible $299 estimated retail price, which puts it right in competition, price-wise, with the Nintendo Switch. (For the record, I was close at $350 for the Xbox Series S, and Kevin was right on the money). Alongside confirmation of its existence and price, we also got our first look at what the Xbox Series S will look like and how it stacks up against the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series S is 60% smaller than the Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series S is touted to be 60% smaller than the Xbox Series X and will be, as we mentioned earlier, all-digital. It’ll also feature 1440P resolution at up to 120FPS with 4K upscaling for games and be powered by Xbox Velocity Architecture with a custom 512GB NVME SSD.

The digital-only console is very similar to what the Xbox One S all-digital console looks like aside from the giant black circle (air vent( on its top. Some gamers will be please with the size difference, while others won’t want to give up the performance nor the physical medium. A reminder, the Xbox Series X | S both feature backwards compatibility, however, if you own the physical game, you can play it right away in the X not so much on the digital version. The official Xbox Series S announcement trailer shows off much of the glitz and glamor of what the Xbox Series S has to offer but leaves the best information for last.

The Xbox Series S will be available November 10, 2020.

No pre-order information nor was any information given about the release of the Xbox Series X. seems to believe that November 10th will also be the release date for the Xbox Series X at a price point of $499, $200 more than it’s digital brethren.

Can we assume that the Xbox Series X will be released at the same time? What do you think of the Xbox Series S design and price? Which version will you get? Tell us in the comments section below.

Your move PlayStation.

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