Xbox Series X|S User Interface Dilemma

Reading Time: 2 minutes I don’t know about you, but I actually like the Xbox One interface and can’t wait to see what Microsoft has in store for the Xbox Series X|S user interface. The Xbox One UI is simplistic, extremely easy to use, and customizable, allowing users to organize their screen to suit them. The blade-style slide-out is …

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What is the Heutchy Method?

Heutchy Method Explained

Reading Time: 2 minutes Good question! We’ve been scouring the net ourselves trying to find details on the “Heutchy Method,” which was named after the engineer that created it, Eric Heutchy. We find references to the “Heutchy Method” back in October 2017 when Microsoft announced backward compatibility of Xbox and Xbox 360 games for the Xbox One X. We …

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More Xbox Series X|S Backward Compatibility Details Emerge

Heutchy Method Explained

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are three generations of Xbox games in the wild, and many loyal fans have amassed a sizeable collection of Xbox titles ranging from the original Xbox to the Xbox One. With all three generations being backward compatible with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S it’s understandable that there are many questions surrounding …

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Clash of Clans Update to Townhall 13

Clash of Clans Autumn Update

Reading Time: 3 minutes Clash of Clans, after all these years, is still trucking along and Supercell has released a slew of new updates known as quality of life (QOL) changes and new additional content to extend the life of the game for players nearing the endgame. Like many “tower defense” games there technically isn’t an endgame except when …

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Xbox Series X Unboxing & Warehouse Photos

Reading Time: 2 minutes With less than 30 days till the Xbox Series X|S release, it’s not surprising that Microsoft is well into production nor is it surprising to see pallets of Xbox’s sitting in warehouses pending shipment, but we’d never expect an Xbox Series X unboxing video yet. More than likely, many are already on their way to …

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PS5 Backward Compatible with 99% of PS4 Games

PlayStation 5 unboxing

Reading Time: 2 minutes With over 4000 PlayStation 4 titles, 99% is a substantial number of games that will be PS5 backward compatible. Sony has announced that select PlayStation 4 titles will take advantage of PlayStation 5‘s “Game Boost” that allows certain backward-compatible games with unlocked specs to run with a higher or smoother frame rate than their PS4 …

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Xbox Series X|S Trailer Hits the Web

Reading Time: < 1 minute We are just about 30 days away from the release of the Xbox Series X|S. In the world of console news, it seems like the last year has been much longer with all the speculation surrounding these consoles. Microsoft has been slow in releasing information about pricing, release dates, and console configuration. We finally know …

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PlayStation 5 Teardown Video

PlayStation 5 Teardown

Reading Time: 2 minutes Big surprise from the folks at the today, they released an official teardown video exposing the internal workings of the PlayStation 5. The video has not been translated to English, but some of the video has subtitles to explain what is being done and labeled to point out specific components. Any kind of write …

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Minecraft Dungeons Cross-Platform + DLC Coming

Minecraft Dungeons - Howling Peaks DLC

Reading Time: 2 minutes Alongside the announcement of the massive Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update coming to Minecraft later next year, they slipped in another announcement regarding Minecraft Dungeons. As they promised months ago, cross-platform play is coming to Minecraft Dungeons this November as a free update bringing Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC gamers together. If that wasn’t …

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Huge Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update Coming Summer 2021

Minecraft Cave & Cliffs update

Reading Time: 4 minutes The folks have been hard at work during the pandemic and have recently announced the new Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update that will be coming to Minecraft next Summer. We’ve seen how Mojang Studios have been able to transform the oceans as well as the Nether, it is no doubt the Caves & Cliffs update …

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