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Sony Delays PlayStation 5 Event From June 4th

PlayStation 5 Logo - PS5

Reading Time: < 1 minute Sony Delays PlayStation 5 Event From June 4th. In a Twitter post today, Sony announced that it would be temporarily delaying its June 4th PlayStation 5 virtual event. This is due to the death of George Floyd and the events surrounding his death. Sony announced via Twitter: Reactions on Sony’s Twitter feed ranged from the …

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Super Nintendo World Taking Shape. New Aerials

Super Nintendo World Logo

Reading Time: 2 minutes With all that has been going on no one is really thinking about going to a theme park. A lot of construction projects have been placed on hold as theme parks around the world have voluntarily closed. Even the Walt Disney Company paused many of their projects while their parks have been closed. One project …

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Minecraft Dungeons is Now Available from Mojang Studios

Minecraft Dungeons Released

Reading Time: 3 minutes The wait is now over! Mojang Studios‘ first stand-alone game set in the Minecraft universe, Minecraft Dungeons is now available for Xbox One, Windows PC, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Tired of building but love the Minecraft universe? This all-new action-adventure game is inspired by classic dungeons crawlers. Think isometric, Diablo …

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Pac-Man’s 40th & Minecraft Pac-Man

Minecraft Pac-Man DLC

Reading Time: < 1 minute Would you believe that its been 40 years since the release of Pac-Man? 40 years ago today Namco changed the gaming world with this amazing ghost eating maze runner. That being said… HAPPY BIRTHDAY! While we didn’t get a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game or a Pac-Man movie we did get a pretty awesome DLC …

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Missile Command: Recharged Coming to PC & Nintendo Switch

Missile Command: Recharged Logo

Reading Time: < 1 minute Old school retro-game Missile Command has gotten a make-over and is certainly not a game to miss out on. Whether you’re a fan of the 1980’s classic or never heard of it here is your chance. Missile Command: Recharged is a “reinvention of the arcade hit, featuring a neon-lit retro aesthetic, dazzling new gameplay elements, …

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Beta Date Teased

Reading Time: 3 minutes Microsoft has been hard at work for months on their latest edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator. PC Gamer picked up on an eagle-eyed users post over at Resetera, who had posted the “development roadmap” from the May 14 Development notes at the Microsoft Flight Simulator official website. According to the roadmap, the anticipated date for …

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Fallout 76… I Just Don’t Get It

Fallout 76

Reading Time: 2 minutes I just don’t get it, I tried… I really really tried. Fallout 76 just isn’t what I wanted. Or maybe it’s not want I expected. I don’t know. I absolutely love the idea of post-apocalyptic world where players are emerging for the first time and have to survive against the unknown and potentially other players. …

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Minecraft Birthday- Happy 11th Birthday

Happy Minecraft Birthday

Reading Time: 2 minutes Happy Minecraft Birthday! 11 years ago today Minecraft was released on PC as an alpha test in 2009. While much has changed since then, the games fun core set of features are still present and more popular than ever. Minecraft is now available on multiple home consoles like the Xbox, PlayStation and the Nintendo Switch. …

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Minecraft? “I ain’t playing with [email protected]&$king blocks!”

Reading Time: 2 minutes Those were my exact words to Jason (Gluten Mifflin) the day he suggested playing Minecraft. At the time I knew very little of the game. I knew it was a world composed entirely of blocks. I also knew that you used said blocks to build stuff and protect yourself before monsters came out at night. …

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Minecraft – My First Night 11 Years Ago

Minecraft Character Shot

Reading Time: 2 minutes I remember first hearing about Minecraft many years ago and thinking: “Graphics are terrible, concept is stupid, it’s never going to last.” Boy was I wrong. 11 years later I have clocked a lot of time on the PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and iPhone versions of Minecraft. Presently, myself and Martin (StarDoggedMoon) having been working …

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