Xbox Coming to E3, Spencer says

Xbox Free-to-Play Games listed

Reading Time: 2 minutes Yesterday’s big news – Sony is skipping E3 2020. Today, Xbox head, Phil Spencer, announces that they are “hard at work on E3.” With Sony bowing out a second year in a row, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X can now take center stage at E3. Phil Spencer took to Twitter to make sure that Xbox fans …

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Sony to Skip E3 2020

E3 Event Logo

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sony is skipping E3 2020! Sony is pulling out for the second time in two years. With PlayStation 5 poised to launch holiday 2020, it’s hard to believe they would skip this media extravaganza. Is this a strategic marketing tactic or something else? A Sony representative told, that they will “build upon our global …

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Next PlayStation 5 Logo Revealed

PlayStation Feature

Reading Time: < 1 minute PlayStation 5, perhaps a page out of Apple’s book, is not a very creative name. Sony has been using the PlayStation name for the past 25 years so why change it! It’s been working for the Apple iPhone, right? Has Sony shown some ingenuity with the PlayStation 5 logo? Nope! Sony revealed the new PlayStation …

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PlayStation 5 Launching Late 2020

PlayStation Feature

Reading Time: 2 minutes We haven’t heard much about Sony’s next-gen console since April 2019. Many expected Sony to possibly make a huge announcement or debut at E3 but they had bowed out of E3 all together. sat down with Sony and broke the news that the PlayStation 5 will be coming in late 2020 amongst other details. …

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