Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X

Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X

Reading Time: 2 minutes Xbox Series X launch is becoming more of a reality today as Seagate has launched it’s website for their storage expansion card for the Xbox Series X. Gamers can now sign up for more information, including release information via their site. Not a whole lot of ground breaking information was revealed, but we now have …

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Are the Cost of Games Going Up?

NBA 2K21 Price

Reading Time: 2 minutes 2K Sports just announced the price point for NBA 2K21 to be $70 for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, making the first sign that the cost of games may be going up. This is fairly unsurprising given that the cost of games have hovered around the $59.99 mark for quite some time. The …

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Coming on 10 Disc Box Set

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you are among the older readers in the crowd, then you, no doubt, have fond memories of acquiring (ehem, “buying”) new games or programs to use or play on a home PC/Mac. Legitimately obtained (or not), you brought that game home, (like Flight Simulator) and then had to engage in the time-consuming task of …

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Project xCloud Coming September

E3 2019 Announced Project xCloud

Reading Time: < 1 minute Project xCloud has been in beta for quite some time, and appears to be ready for the main-stream this September. If you’re not familiar with Project xCloud, this is Microsoft’s game streaming service that enables players to play Xbox games anywhere you go, and across a variety of devices. Today, Microsoft finally announced pricing for …

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Release Announced

Reading Time: 2 minutes Microsoft released final details for the release date of its upcoming latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Microsoft Flight Simulator release was announced, along with the launch of the pre-order site at as well as via Twitter The newest edition of the Microsoft Flight Simulator is scheduled for arrival on August 18th. It …

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Xbox Series X Leak – Project Lockhart – Digital Only

Reading Time: 2 minutes There has been a lot of talk of a digital only Xbox Series X codenamed Project Lockhart. According to recently leaked Microsoft documents on Twitter, there are two profiling modes: Anaconda and Lockhart which adds more credence to the Lockhart rumor mill. These profiles are used to emulate the actual production performance of the Xbox …

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Are “Digital Edition” Consoles Worth It?

Digital Edition Consoles Good or Bad?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Last Christmas, after experiencing the real struggle of living in a household with one Xbox, one 40 year-old video game junkie (that’s me) and one teenager video game junkie (that’s my daughter), we relented and bought my daughter a Xbox One Digital Edition (in bright white.) The benefits were immediate. No more fighting over the …

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Minecraft Dungeons is Now Available from Mojang Studios

Minecraft Dungeons cross-platform play coming

Reading Time: 3 minutes The wait is now over! Mojang Studios‘ first stand-alone game set in the Minecraft universe, Minecraft Dungeons is now available for Xbox One, Windows PC, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Tired of building but love the Minecraft universe? This all-new action-adventure game is inspired by classic dungeons crawlers. Think isometric, Diablo …

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Beta Date Teased

Reading Time: 3 minutes Microsoft has been hard at work for months on their latest edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator. PC Gamer picked up on an eagle-eyed users post over at Resetera, who had posted the “development roadmap” from the May 14 Development notes at the Microsoft Flight Simulator official website. According to the roadmap, the anticipated date for …

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